Sunday, May 15, 2011

graduation means you can dig more right?

well been a rough week at trails booster and shakira are now running but have claimed two bodies already mike injured a leg and my dumbass took a handle bar to the groin for nine stiches. oh well dont need a groin to pack lips right. rain in forcast for next couple days should speed up progress come be part of possibly the last year at state make the best of it

Friday, May 6, 2011

slowly but surely

things are slowly coming together few guys been makin it out this is always a tough time for our spot trying to get things running meanwhile people are leaving for the summer and school has everyone tied up booster should be running by end of the weekend weather permiting o-fours on schedule after that come out and hit some things with shovels to the kids that broke bottles all over the place i hope you are kidnapped shipped to russia and prostituted to chubed up old dudes who like toughing little boys

Thursday, April 7, 2011

trails arent plowed yet

trails arent gone yet and diggin is comunsing As so lots of dirt flying in the cut I unfortunately have been loaded with stupid real life stuff and havent been out yet but a constant flow of pictures have come accross my phone the cut is gona be so dialed come out and do some stacking while that thing called rain is still available. check out jump into cut

Monday, February 14, 2011

"flirting with fifty "

happy valentines day everyone is down with love lingo today so when i heard flirting with fifty on the radio sounded like a blog to me. above freezing temperatures all week fifties at end of week spring breath hits central pa finally hopefuly it stays ground thawing as we speak shovels are ready to go

Friday, February 11, 2011

trails + student housing =-----------------plowed

so i am sure everyone could come up with a list of like top five things that would just suck to get a phone call about. ie family death, house burning down and for a good majority of us that list would include getting the call or text message that your trails are inevitably getting plowed. saddly it is destined to happen and it is a fear that lurks in the minds of trail builders everywere.unfortunately this has recently become a realization for the state college trails. turns out someone thinks student housing would be more productive and hence our future looks grim.
nothing is final yet and we will build and ride till the bulldozers show but consequently the troops are being rallied and the minds of wasted youth are at work and any ideas, know someone that can help or will support are more than welcome. however, in the wake of whatever happens heads will be held high and memories will always be shared. flats, spades & piks will migrate to another spot and unlike other tragic happenings the clay will fly and trails will rise again from the earth, the progression of bmx will continue and the expression and creativity of trails will push on. can i get an amen!!!

so keep on prayin for some warm weather and maybe a radioactive dump underneath our trails and comeon out to ride before its too late

Thursday, February 10, 2011

trails up date

slightly snowy still cold as hell christian sent me a few pics yeaterday cant wait for spring siposed to be forty this weekend. the begining maybe cross your fingers

Thursday, January 13, 2011

cory foust

The Take:
welcome to the family cory foust edit is awsome check it